Love Calculator

The Love Calculator is a very interesting tool that helps us to calculate the love percentage between the couple. What the Love Calculator says is that names are not chosen at random but have meanings of their own. Thus the love calculator can give us an idea whether the couple is going to click or not.

To measure the love compatibility between the two friends, this tool takes the full names of the people in question. After you enter the full names of the two people, the software generates a percentage chance of love occurring between the two people. The percentage which is generated is generated using the principles of Numerology.

This love calculator is also sometimes referred to as the Love Meter or the Crush Meter. Whatever the name be, there are any sites that offer free calculation of love between any two people.

You can use the Love calculator to calculate probability of relationship occurring between a man and woman. Before you actually begin the relationship, you can check using this tool whether both of you are compatible or not. All names have a hidden meaning in them and hence this tool can be used for all names irrespective of your nationality, race, caste or religion. If you have any crushes and want to find out the chances of True Love happening then this is the ideal tool you are looking for. So enter your full name and the full name of your crush and find out for your self if he or she is the one made for you. They say matches are made in heaven but to find your match on Earth, Love Calculator is the best possible option.

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